Spotify is a Swedish music streaming service offering digitally restricted streaming of selected music from a range of major and independent record labels. With 17.5 Million users and 4 million paying customer, Spotify has emerged as one of the biggest online music services. This re-brand is to push brand recognition of a music based company.

Spotify cursive logo

Spotify paper system

Letterhead, business cards, and direct mailer for Spotify re-brand.


Music is not completely an auditory experience. There are also physical aspects of music, such as going to a concert or having backstage passes. This is a very personal experience that online music does not have. The Spotify Concert Series bridges that gap between auditory and physical experience.

spotify concert series mailer

Direct mailer for the Spotify Concert Series, includes an all access pass to exclusive backstage content, such as exclusive concerts, videos, and pictures that can only be found on the Spotify Concert Series website.

webcam bouncer backstage pass

After opening the mailer and being directed to the Spotify Concert Series website, one is greeted by the backstage bouncer. This site enables your webcam for you to present your Concert Series Badge. AR technology checks the badge and grants all access to exclusive concerts, and media. Spotify will also keep these photos to show unpaid users what they are missing out on.

DJ playing musicExclusive backstage video that are only accessible from the Concert Series website. Engaging the illusion of personal experience with the music.

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